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Carta de solidariedade vinda da Califórnia

Emocionante recebermos esta carta em solidariedade pela luta pela qualidade da educação pública! O movimento contra as diretrizes do Banco Mundial pela privatização e transformação da educação em mercadoria não é somente dos docentes brasileiros em greve, mas uma luta histórica cada vez mais globalizada (o outro lado da globalização)!

First Statewide Student Union Conference
Santa Monica, California, United States
May 19th, 2012

Letter of Solidarity With The Striking Professors of Brazil's Federal Universities 

On Thursday, May 17th, professors at 34 Federal Universities across Brazil went out on strike in 
defense of the right to high quality public education. 

Today in California, students from across all the levels of public higher education are meeting to 
discuss the formation of a Student Union to give organizational form to our unity in the struggle against 
the defunding, privatization and re-segregation of our public educational systems. 

We would like to take this occasion to extend our full solidarity with you, the professors of Brazil, 
and to tell you that you are not alone in this fight. The attacks on education are being enacted on an 
international scale. And even here, in one of the countries with the most advanced neo-liberal project for 
education, we students are organizing resistance. 

Here in the United States, educators' unions are under constant attack. But as students we see 
clearly the value of workers' organizations because our professors' working conditions are our learning 
conditions. And your struggle is also our own! 

Uma só luta! 

Signed by individual students, faculty, and staff from the following educational institutions in 

Kindergarten – 12th Grade: California State University System: 
Santa Monica High School California State University - Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Unified School District San Francisco State University 
California State Polytechnic University - Pomona 
California Community College System: San Diego State University 
Santa Monica College California State University- Northridge 
Los Angeles City College California State University - Long Beach 
Pasadena City College California State University - Dominguez Hills 
City College of San Francisco 
Berkeley City College University of California System: 
El Camino College University of California - Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Valley College University of California - Berkeley 
Downey Career College University of California - Santa Cruz 
Compton Community College University of California - Irvine 
Long Beach City College 
Palomar Community College Private Schools: 
Whittier College 
Colorado College 

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